Library of things

What is it?

Share items you infrequently use, or borrow from others. Through using the Library of Things, get to know your neighbours better, save money and storage space, and together we can save some of the energy used and pollution created in manufacture.

How does it work?


Register first through the contact page where you will need to sign a disclaimer to consent to borrowing the items at your own risk.

You can then use the contact page to get in touch via Love Co2mbe Down to borrow items.


If you have an item to add to the Library of things, please use the contact page.


As a general rule items should be returned within one month to the owner. Earlier return may be requested by the owner when the loan is made. Breakages will be paid for by the borrower unless an agreement is reached at point of loan e.g. if the item is already in a poor state.

Library Catalogue


  • Wallpaper stripper
  • Tile cutter
  • Extension ladder
  • Step ladder
  • Sledgehammer
  • Multitool
  • Black and decker workmate
  • Shovel
  • Pike
  • Dehumidifier


  • Strimmer
  • Electric lawnmower
  • Wheelbarrow
  • Garden forks x2
  • Spades x2
  • Leaf rake
  • Trowels x2

Sports and hobbies

  • Bodyboard (girls pink)
  • Wetsuit women’s size 12
  • Cricket bat, stumps and pads
  • Electric keyboard
  • Bike helmets adult’s x2 and small child’s x2
  • Electric sewing machine