School projects

Climate change teaching

In 2017 we offered a teaching session on climate change to both classes in Year 4 at Combe Down Primary School. The children followed up on the topic by making posters that were put up around school about things they and their families can do to support the ecosystem and reduce climate change. We would be happy to offer other sessions in schools on request.

School eco council

This year Combe Down Primary, lead by teacher Mr Skinner, developed a student eco-council to lead on sustainability within the school. Love Combe Down members have been supporting the initiatives of the eco council, for example with  procurement of recycling bins. There are many opportunities to support the work of the council, so do get in touch if you can help.

School gardening

Also at Combe Down school, we have been working with Mr Skinner, who has restarted a gardening club, and Mrs Gascogne the Headteacher, to develop plans to encourage gardening and food growing with all the children and teaching staff. If you can help support growing in school in the next academic year, please do get in touch with us through our contact page.